Novel Translations

Last updated on November 30, 2020

Lizonka primarily translates the danmei novels using machine translation (BaiduDeepL, Google, and Systran) and then edits them for readability. She also refers a lot to the online Chinese dictionary, Yabla. However, since she’s got limited knowledge on Chinese, she often seeks help from fellow fan translators. So you can’t really say she’s a translator. More like an editor.

To improve her Chinese and her translations, she enrolled in Chinese classes in her university.


Lizonka aims to depict the author’s intentions in a way that is easy for readers to understand, to the best that she can. She may localize some parts of the text, but all the while tries to maintain the author’s original intentions.

Moreover, she translates the novels as she reads them, so she does not know anything about them beyond their most recently translated chapter. She may revise previously published text as she encounters new information when she deems something to be inaccurate or inappropriate.

Lastly, she should not be held accountable for the views of the authors. The authors’ views are their own. She may or may not agree with them, but she will still continue to translate. She may, however, drop the translations at any time the author’s views become too unbearable and would extremely negatively affect her mental and emotional state.