Years of Intoxication Chapter 13 English Translation

This chapter is translated by Hillary, while I (Liz) just made some edits.

Btw, there was no new episode of the YOI manhua this week because the main artist for it fell sick. Hillary went ahead to translate the next episode preview though, and you can see it in the Discord server.

Lastly, someone asked when we update YOI, and I’ll just answer them here…

If it’s me translating the chapter, the YOI novel will be updated on a Saturday (GMT+8). If it’s Hillary, she’ll do it in her timezone (GMT+0). [It’s supposed to be her posting today, but I forgot to leave her instructions on how to add footnotes, so I’m doing it for the time being XD]

On the other hand, Hillary tries to update the YOI manhua on Fridays (GMT+0), so long as the raws are on time as well.

The manhua raws normally update on 12AM Wednesday (GMT+8), but sometimes there’ll be delays. Hillary can usually translate the new episode within a day, but since I still have to proofread it, it gets held back for another day because of our 8-hour time difference.

So there! I hope that answers everybody’s questions about the update time. Now, on to the chapter…

Read YOI 13

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