Years of Intoxication Manhua (Drunk in Love) Episode 21 English Translation

Hillary: Hi All, so as I announced on the Discord Server, we will be starting a membership for both manhua and novel updates. This week’s Episode 21 will be the last free episode so I will be removing the trusted roles from everyone unless they have joined the membership. The other chapters will continue to be unlocked each week until ep 20 at which point all upcoming chapters will be for subscribed members only. Please find the link to the membership here.

Confirmed monthly pricing as follows: (all prices in British Pounds)
1. Manhua only – £2*
2. + 10 advance Novel chapters only – £7
3. Manhua and Novel updates – £8

*As a special the first 10 Manhua only subscribers will get a free one month access to the advanced 10 novel chapters as well!

Once again, thanks everyone for your constant support!
Love you all and enjoy episode 21!

Read YOI Manhua 21

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