Years of Intoxication Manhua (Drunk in Love) Episode 15 English Translation

Hillary: Hi guys, episode 15 is out! It is currently locked for most viewers, so I wanted to post this end of episode note from the author/artist here so everyone can see it. 🙂

As I’ve mentioned on the #years-of-intoxication channel on our discord server… It seems the next 2 weeks of episodes will be charged at a fee from Kuaikanmanhua as the Manhua artists want to raise money for their upcoming holiday. I will be looking into how to pay for these chapters out of my own pocket so we can continue enjoying this manhua… Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until May 5th when the chapters will be released for free again.

Any and all support will be appreciated! Thanks and see you all next week!

Read YOI Manhua 15

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