Years of Intoxication Manhua (Drunk in Love) Episode 13 English Translation

Hillary: Hi guys! It’s been a hectic week with Liz leaving us on a long hiatus. In the meantime, I will be taking over the site and discord server until she is back.

I have noticed we are getting a lot of new members on the discord server simply to gain access to the passwords. I will point out (for the last time) that we are not putting up a password just to give it out to anyone – that privilege is only handed to our trusted members.

As of now, I have decided to unlock the episodes after a 3 week delay. But I am still considering setting up my own membership subscription for future episodes. If we continue to get new members that can’t follow simple rules and instructions (such as how to introduce yourself properly) and join just to ask for the passwords. I will definitely consider withdrawing all future episodes and switch directly to a membership basis.

On a happier note! I do apologise for the long wait, but here is episode 13!!

Read YOI Manhua 13

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