Years of Intoxication Manhua (Drunk in Love) Episode 11 English Translation

Hillary: Hi all!

As you may all know, we have recently found out that someone has been stealing our work and reuploading it on Manhuascan… I do hope they will come forward and apologize for this blatant disregard and disrespect for our hard work. I spend a great deal of time and effort translating this for other people to enjoy and would highly appreciate it if everyone can respect that and not steal our work. If this continues, I will have to consider starting a membership-only subscription to any future episodes.

On a happier note, just to let everyone know… (since I’ve been getting questions on my updating schedule) I am back to working full time now, but I still hope to post one episode a week but it will now have to be posted every Sunday. If I do manage to get it finished before then, I will post it earlier but as it stands I will be posting the latest episode on Sunday.

Anyways… Enjoy!

Read YOI Manhua 11

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