Creatures of Habit Chapter 12 Part 3 English Translation

[Last updated on January 22, 2021]

If you’re not reading the other novels I’m translating, then you must be surprised why the new update is on my site (and on WordPress, not Tumblr) when I used to directly publish on Wattpad.

I explained it more in detail here, but basically, Tumblr was awful. And since I don’t have to put up with their stupid ban anymore, I’m gonna freely post updates of Creatures of Habit here on my new site, since I’m actually not that fond of Wattpad.

And if you didn’t click on the link above, here’s an important PSA that I mentioned there:

While I was transferring my translations here, I also took the liberty of revising some chapters (mostly Bestial Blade) for better readability. I also corrected some minor spelling and grammar errors that I had missed when I first published them.

However, the remastered version of previously published chapters will only be available here on It’s too much of a hassle to also update my translations posted on Wattpad.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to read everything on my site again if you’ve only been reading on Wattpad. I didn’t change much… just a few words here and there. However, I strongly recommend reading the future updates here on the site instead of on Wattpad. I post the translations here first, and any future edits will only be posted here. You could also easily jump from your reading position to a translator’s note and back.

Read Chapter 12.3 on Site

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