Bestial Blade Chapter 28 Part 1 English Translation

[Last updated on January 22, 2021]

This update is a fun one, and someone is gonna get jeeealooous haha

By the way guys, I’m gonna make some changes to my advanced updates membership fee. On July 11, the membership fee will increase to $10/month. However, old members and people who join before then will continue to pay only $7/month. For an explanation on why I’m making this change, read this post.

Aaand I’m also bringing back the sponsored updates! I’m pretty much free nowadays since the semester has officially closed. Aside from cramming an art portfolio (that is due in 3 days), I’ve got some time haha

Anyways, on to the chapter ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Read BB 28.1

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