Bestial Blade Chapter 27 Part 3 English Translation

[Last updated on January 22, 2021]

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your lovely responses in the survey I held last week. I’ve decided to continue translating this novel, no matter how hard it is. One of you did answer that I should hand this over to a different translator, but welp, guess you’ll have to bear with me for now haha

To be honest, I was quite surprised that several people actually commented in the last question. Of the three novels I’m translating, Bestial Blade gets the least views and comments. I was worried that nobody’s been enjoying it, so it made me waver many times.

But I really love this novel—Chang An, especially. And in this update, he just gets more adorable~!

I hope that, as you read on, you’ll love this novel as much as I do too ❤️

Read BB 27.3

Edit: I almost forgot to mention—I actually translated that song sung by the elder in chapter 1 as he was giving that bone plate to Chang An. The previous translator didn’t translate it, so I went ahead and did it myself. You can read the translation here.

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