Bestial Blade Chapter 18 Part 2 English Translation

[Last updated on January 22, 2021]

I was skimming through the earlier chapters of this novel in the previous translator’s site and look what I found…

fanart of hua yi and chang an bestial blade
Art of Hua Yi and Chang An!

asdfghjk I’m so glad I found this. I’m so hungry for fanart and aaaah Chang An is so beautiful and Hua Yi looks so cool with that stupid smirk of his

ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ I love them so much aaaah!!!

I tried looking for fanart on Weibo, but I forgot my login credentials and I’m having trouble registering a new account coz my phone number is already registered with the old one. I did find some fanart of Chang An though, and I’ll share it with you guys on the next update!

For now, enjoy the chapter~

Read Chapter 18.2 on Site

This part was looked over by my lovely editor, Ney Ney! To those who had read my translations on my old site, then you’ll know that Ney (aka Neyrus) has also edited some of my earlier translations of Bestial Blade.

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