Bestial Blade Chapter 60 English Translation

Liz: I’m technically still in hiatus, but since I forgot to schedule this post and had go on the site anyway, I decided to give a little update.

So good news is, I’ve been meeting with a nice psychologist, and I’m getting tested for some stuff. Nothing’s confirmed at the moment, but it’s such a relief to soon have a clear label to stick on all this messy stuff going on inside me…

And then the bad news is…. I’m not really coping so well. My other doctor (a psychiatrist) suggested I go back on meds before I go on another breakdown, but I’m like, naaaaah. Meds are hella expensive, so I’ll pass (✿◡‿◡)

Okay, enough with that. Now here, go read this happy chapter~

Read BB 60

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