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Creatures of Habit Novel TL is finally back up!

Because of my stupidity a while back, I had accidentally deleted all posts and pages of Creatures of Habit. I was putting them all in drafts to update the footnotes and stuff, but later, as I was clearing my site cache, I cleared out all the drafts by mistake >_< They’re back now, and with …

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No regular updates this week… and maybe for the rest of the month too

So I wasn’t able to update last week because I was cramming a lot of things: travel documents, class assignments, a beta reading job, etc. etc. I’ve been stranded here in the capital for almost 4 months now, and I applied for travel permits and stuff last month. Only now are my documents being processed, …

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Blog under construction

Expect sudden changes in appearance and layout when you reload a page. My right hand gave up while translating seal cultivation, and now I’m bored af so I’m tinkering around with the site’s design.

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Bestial Blade Edits

I went through the previously translated chapters of Bestial Blade and… god, I am so ashamed. I can’t believe I made so many embarrassing translation mistakes. I’ve gone back to correct them. You may reread the chapters if you like, but there’s not really that much difference since the mistakes I mentioned are just minor …

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Delay on Updates

Hey guys, just a heads up that I probably won’t be able to update on time starting this week. I’ve been feeling sick these past days—always feeling short of breath and extremely tired. I haven’t gotten a fever though, so I’m praying it’s not COVID-19 and is probably just the consequences of me not eating …

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We supported the authors!

I just wanna say a big thank you to all my darling supporters on Buymeacoffee! With your coffees, I was able to purchase all the pay-walled chapters for Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement and Bestial Blade. Here’s a receipt of me topping up my JJWXC account: I don’t know how I can show a “receipt” of …

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