Novel Rec List: Male Lead Grovels before the Main Character

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Mute Slave

哑奴 | aka “Silent Lover” on NU


The mute Shen Yu is sent as a substitute bride to the Northern Garrison Prince, who is infamous for having killed many wives. Shen Yu simply wants to survive, but the inability to speak out his mind only brings him harm as misunderstandings arise between him and the prince.


MC’s situation makes you feel hopeless and frustrated. Things will get better, but first, MC has to go through different kinds of torment where he, having no voice, cannot fight back at all.

What makes “Mute Slave” stand out among similar novels is that the MC is no mere caged canary that flies away later on. His identity actually plays an active role in the overarching plot, and he becomes way much more even without the ML.

As for the male lead, I personally don’t like him. Later, however, we see him go through a situation that allows him to experience MC’s suffering, and because of that, I can’t help but forgive him a bit.

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A blind concubine lives in the cold palace. The blind concubine has a snow white cat. Day after day, year after year, he lives quietly in the courtyard of the cold palace. It is as if he has already been forgotten by the entire imperial palace. Until one day, the young emperor accidentally chances upon him…


This novel is quite simple, having only one definite conflict, yet it executes it to perfection. No scene is superfluous. Its literary way of telling also gets to pack in a lot of slow-killing angst, making for a very emotional experience.

Unlike most novels here, MC is unyielding to the very end. MC may be physically weak, but his mind is firm and his heart is not easily swayed by honeyed words. He knows what is right and stands by it.

The groveling aspect in this novel is really subtle, but still quite impactful.

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Lu Zhengfei personally killed Chen Qianqing with his abuse.

He cut off Chen Qianqing’s legs, and blinded his eyes, locking him up with chains in his house. Then, he watched with his eyes wide as he died. Injuries inflicted in the name of love would always end in a tragedy.

Did Lu Zhengfei regret it? Of course he did. And so, God gave him a chance to be reborn.

But this time, he found that he himself—became Chen Qianqing.


This one is a… bizarre case of grovelling. Chen Qianqing, the original abused shou, no longer exists when Lu Zhengfei is reborn and takes over his body. So whom could Lu Zhengfei ask forgiveness from? Who will pardon him for his mistakes?

This novel is an absolute psychological ride, with Lu Zhengfei questioning his identity and the purpose of his rebirth. And its message is simply profound—abusers can only ever love themselves. They don’t have the right to say they love someone when they’ve hurt them.

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Jiang Yishan knew how softhearted his ex-boyfriend Qin Shaosheng was towards him, so when his career as a celebrity plummeted, he shamelessly begged the man to take him back.

Qin Shaosheng didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, but when Jiang Yishan kept coming at him… He just couldn’t resist.


Not really ML grovels before MC, but the other way around. I wasn’t going to include this in the list, but since its main theme is about groveling, I made an exception.

Creatures of Habit has a very, very simple plot, but it executes it quite well. I started reading it expecting to see lots of papapa, and although there’s definitely lots of it, it wasn’t focused on it at all.

This novel is more about how love really makes you want to improve yourself, and how love is also forgiving enough to accept your flaws. Jiang Yishan is a vain and impetuous man, and Qin Shaosheng is gonna make him a better person through force.

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职业替身 | 188


In his past life, Zhou Xiang was a stuntman for a popular actor. But aside from being a substitute at work, he was also only a substitute of said actor in his relationship with Yan Mingxiu.

Being reborn into someone else’s body, Zhou Xiang just wants to start anew and stay away from Yan Mingxiu. However, the universe seems to be against him as he finds himself once again inevitably entangled with Yan Mingxiu.


This is a good story, but unfortunately, one that is not structured well to bring out its strong points. The author could’ve made it more tense and mysterious by concealing in the beginning the reason for Zhou Xiang’s death or just writing the entire thing chronologically and having the rebirth as a big surprise.

Because the author “spoiled” everything right from the start, it immensely lessened the enjoyment for me. Some stories work well with a Present Timeline-Long Flashback-Present Timeline structure, but for Professional Body Double, it just doesn’t work. Why do I have to go through 30+ chapters of flashback when I already know how it’s gonna end? Can’t we just go back to the main plot?

If you’re gonna read this, I really suggest starting from the flashbacks (Chapters 5-39), then the 2 prologue chapters in Yan Mingxiu’s POV, before finally proceeding to the main plot (Chapters 1-4 and Chapter 40 onwards).

In regards to plot, Zhou Xiang’s choices in his second life are really infuriating. Although the drama and tension it ensues would keep you at the edge of your seats, it would also make you want to pull out all the hair in your head.

I also find the gong abuse too short in this one—not “insufficient” though. It’s just very brief. Maybe because the story is mainly in Zhou Xiang’s point of view (and Zhou Xiang is a very calm and mature guy that rarely lets his emotions get to him) that it felt like the gong abuse wasn’t enough. Add on to the fact that I wasn’t able to read the prologue chapters that were in Yan Mingxiu’s POV (since the first translator on NU didn’t include them), I feel less sympathy for the gong.

Nonetheless, this novel is worth the read. I just need to reread it in the order I specified above for a better experience. I might update my review of in the future once I’m done rereading.

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  1. Dear translator,could u give me the link of the promised sealed with our lips vol 2…i’m very longing for this story,but the one who translate it seem to drop it.i’m trying to MTL it if i’ve the link..

    1. Uwaah, the original site where I read it took down the raws, but good thing I found it again here:

      I actually mtl-ed a bit on volume 2, and although it’s readable, I honestly would not recommend it 😭. We desperately need a good translator to pick up this novel

  2. Wow, our taste is very similar. Some of the ones you listed are in my top 10 favorite BL novels. I’m a sucker for angsty novels. The few that have not been translated are ones I haven’t heard of so now I want to see it so hopefully someone will pick them up. Thanks for the list!

    1. Aah, I plan to translate the first few chapters of those as teasers so that other translators can find them and hopefully pick them up \( ̄︶ ̄*\))

  3. Hello,

    You should read Muted and Love, Expired

    I love this type of trope of myself so thank you for the list ^_^.

      1. I’m reading that one, but there aren’t much chapters translated yet, so I’m putting it on-hold to let the chapters accumulate.

  4. Hello is there a English translation of the delusional Disorder of begin loved, if not how would I translate it

    1. No, there is no English translation. If you want to translate it, then refer to the raws link above and just start translating from the raws

  5. Hola por favor dime donde leer ” I’ve finally become what you like” gracias


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