Chapter 6

He Gu smiled lightly and said, “Feng Zheng, you probably have a little misunderstanding about my relationship with Juhan…”

Chapter 22

76. The fireworks outside were not yet over, but the master of Wang Mansion had quietly withdrawn under everyone’s eyes.  Xiao Wangye hooked his arms around Yan-daren’s …

Chapter 3

He Gu was a little agitated. After working for a while, he was distracted, always thinking of how Song Juhan just up and left and …

Chapter 4

After driving for more than an hour, He Gu finally arrived at Dasheng Film City. This was his first time coming to this famed studio. If …

Chapter 5

He Gu had to run to the construction site for several days to solve a load-bearing wall problem. During this period, he was caught in …

Chapter 21

71. Xiao Wangye was clear on things. Even if Yan-daren wouldn’t say the rest, he could still guess seven or eight points. But he sat still and …

Chapter 40: The Coffin

It rained heavily for days on end. “Chang An, come here!” A’Lan called out from a distance. “Hurry, come here and help!”

Chapter 39: Wild Horse

When he was young, Chang An was raised by Zhe Yan as a wild child who liked to run up the mountain all day long.

Chapter 38: Heavy Rain

Like a warrior boy who longed to be strong, every time Luda saw Chang An’s saber, his eyes would shine with a light of great …
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