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Chapter 24

80. In the early morning, it was buzzing with drums and gongs outside the Wang Mansion. Qiao Qiao came in to say that someone had come …
Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 43: East Sea

Winter had come, and although it was snowing, the coldness was still within the range of what people could bear.

Chapter 7

The teenager looked at him, his eyes finally resting on the small wontons in his hand. He took the plastic bag in one hand and …
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Chapter 23

77. Before the year ended, good news spread in the city, saying that Xiao Wangye, who had recently come to the fief, had soon taken a …
Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 42: Man

They fled out of the mountains. Hua Yi did a head count, and the once relatively intact tribe had now shrunk close to a half.

Chapter 6

He Gu smiled lightly and said, “Feng Zheng, you probably have a little misunderstanding about my relationship with Juhan…”
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Chapter 22

76. The fireworks outside were not yet over, but the master of Wang Mansion had quietly withdrawn under everyone’s eyes.  Xiao Wangye hooked his arms around Yan-daren’s …

Chapter 3

He Gu was a little agitated. After working for a while, he was distracted, always thinking of how Song Juhan just up and left and …

Chapter 4

After driving for more than an hour, He Gu finally arrived at Dasheng Film City. This was his first time coming to this famed studio. If …
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