Chapter 17: Mercenaries

Hua Yi knew that those days of rushing through the dense forest may have caused his wounds to fester. The wound on his chest, which …

Chapter 9

Passing through the corridor, Song Juhan took one look at the chaotic entrance and rolled his eyes. He leaned against the wall to breathe deeply, …

Chapter 8

Running out of Song Juhan’s house, He Gu found it a little hard to hold on. Fortunately, it was evening, and there was no one …

Extra: A Brother has Come from Afar

What goes around comes around. Xiao Wangye packed up his bags and prepared to go to Si Wangye’s territory for a warm winter. Likewise, he also …

Chapter 25

84. Xiao Wangye was set down on the table with his little cotton clothes on, but his pants were already halfway off and hanging on the …

Chapter 24

80. In the early morning, it was buzzing with drums and gongs outside the Wang Mansion. Qiao Qiao came in to say that someone had come …

Chapter 43: East Sea

Winter had come, and although it was snowing, the coldness was still within the range of what people could bear.

Chapter 7

The teenager looked at him, his eyes finally resting on the small wontons in his hand. He took the plastic bag in one hand and …

Chapter 23

77. Before the year ended, good news spread in the city, saying that Xiao Wangye, who had recently come to the fief, had soon taken a …
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