What is love in this world? It’s just a matter of reducing someone to new lows.

Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die

book cover
Title in Chinese不谈恋爱就去死
AuthorLóng Qī (龙柒)
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review81 / 105
My Rating3.5 / 5


Among the many people in the entertainment circle, the one person Ye Chen can’t stand is the hypocrite, Ren Jing. Ren Jing seems kind and amiable, but Ye Chen couldn’t listen to half a sentence he says.

Then one night, Ye Chen gets drunk. When he wakes up, he finds himself lying right next to a naked Ren Jing, the Film Emperor himself!

Ye Chen: Son of a b*tch!

Ye Chen runs away, and in his panic, he got into an accident and dies. Time, however, rewinds and brings him back right before his death.

He thought everyone knew about this matter, but then he heard a voice inside his head:

“Daily Task: Kiss Ren Jing and you will be rewarded with 1 survival point after completion.”

“Friendly Reminder: Your life will be taken back if your survival point is less than 1.”

Ye Chen: !!!


Reborn as a System

book cover
Title in Chinese重生成系统
AuthorLóng Qī (龙柒)
Genre:Action, Mature, Romance, Shounen Ai, Xianxia, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review89 / 100
My Rating3 / 5


When Shi Qing died, he got reborn as a System. He had read some transmigration stories before where the protagonists would have the System as their golden finger; he never expected to end up becoming one of these so-called golden fingers!

As a new System, he has to find a host to bind to; otherwise, spend the next hundred years all alone in his System space. But the only person who is qualified to bind to the System turned out to be a psychopath!

What to do! He can tolerate working with a psychopath, but crossing through different worlds with him, can he endure?


You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale

book cover
Title in Chinese飞鸽交友须谨慎
AuthorHēi Dànbái (黑蛋白)
GenreComedy, Historical, Mature, Romance, and Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review97 / 106
My Rating4 / 5


(taken from NovelUpdates)

The Peng Society for Gentlemen–a secret friend-making club for the homosexual men of the Great Xia Dynasty. Its services were designed to help its members along in their quest for their lifelong partners. Upon paying a monthly fee of fifty coins, members could get themselves listed in The Pengornisseur after providing a self-portrait, a mailing address, their age and hobbies, as well as a self-introduction. All members would receive a copy of the monthly publication, and they could communicate with one another in private using the information in The Pengornisseur.

Wu Xingzi, a bachelor about to turn forty, worked as the adviser to the magistrate in Qingcheng County.

Qingcheng County was a place with barely any resources. In other words, it was poor. In the list of counties of the Great Xia Dynasty, it had been ranked at the bottom for the past two hundred years.

Wu Xingzi felt that his life was hopeless: not only was he a homosexual, he was also a virgin. Even his retirement fund was lacking. Worse still, his looks were… forgettable.

He might as well die.

Hence, Wu Xingzi decided to commit suicide on his fortieth birthday. However, he was unwilling to remain a virgin to death! And so, gritting his teeth, he joined the Peng Society for Gentlemen and received The Pengornisseur. It was very painful; after all, fifty coins were the sum of his daily expenditure for ten days! He would only pay it once, and he was determined to succeed on his first try.


Death Progress Bar

Chinese Title死亡进度条
AuthorCan’t Play Chess (不会下棋)
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Chapters Read at the Time of this Review65 / 167
My Rating4 / 5


After his death, Shi Jin transmigrates into a book as a different person who has the same name as him. The System, Xiao Si, tells him that he has a progress bar in his mind that will rise whenever his life is in danger. But aside from his progress bar, he also sees the progress bar of one other person. This person is Lian Jun, the leader of an underworld organization called Annihilation.

Xiao Si says that Shi Jin must not let his and Lian Jun’s progress bar reach the maximum, but avoiding danger is difficult when Shi Jin’s own brothers are out for his life. And somehow, he even ends up joining Annihilation as Lian Jun’s subordinate…



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