Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 50: A Token of Love

Luda was already taller than Chang An’s shoulders, and the traits of a beastman were beginning to show on him.
Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 48: Extremely Despicable

Chang An elbowed him in the chest, struggled out of his arms, then let out a cough that shook the heavens and the earth—he was …

Chapter 17

Without a second thought, the two had somehow started dating. Song Juhan was a very busy person and was always out of reach. Eight out of …

Chapter 16

Song Juhan grabbed He Gu’s left hand and placed it on the table. “What’s wrong? Surely you know how to get into the proper position?” He …

Chapter 15

There was some traffic jam on the road. When He Gu arrived at the ocean park, he was a few minutes late. Feng Zheng had …
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