Feeling the strength of his hand, Zhang Siyi’s heart was fluttering. There wasn’t a need to say more. Suddenly, it was enough. There was no need for empty vows or exaggerated sweet talk. Hand-in-hand, they were together and didn’t care who was around staring at them.

Assistant Architect

At the table, I mentioned how distance was the best test of feelings. Why is it the best? Using reverse psychology, it is best because it is the most powerful killer of emotions. We are all simply human. When separated by thousands of miles, it is difficult to guarantee what will happen with our hearts when we are lonely and left vulnerable.

The power of distance and time is much stronger than you think. You may not be able to overcome it, so don’t be so quick to test your feelings. Most ordinary people don’t make it through the test. Don’t test your luck, and do everything in your power to stay together as much as possible so you won’t have any regrets.

Xie Jiayi, Assistant Architect

When children are surrounded by love, they would know how to care for the people around them, even though they are young.


“Don’t think someone overly perfect.” Xie Lian replied. “If it’s just watching a shadow from afar and never having to interact, then whatever. But once acquainted and you grow close, one day you’ll end up finding that this person was not what you had imagined, maybe even the complete opposite. When that happens, you’ll be very disappointed.”

Hua Cheng disagreed. “You never know. I don’t care if anyone else is disappointed. But to some, the very existence of a certain person in this world is in itself, hope.”

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Little Mushroom

cover image
Title in Chinese小蘑菇
GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Shounen Ai
Chapters read All
My Rating5/5


The story follows An Zhe, a sentient mushroom, after he takes over the dead body of the human An Ze. Assuming An Ze’s identity, he enters the northern human base. Now all people entering the base first have to undergo a screening that determines whether or not they have been infected by the mutated creatures outside. If found to be infected, the person will be eliminated on the spot.

An Zhe isn’t human, but he isn’t infected by a creature either. The judge Lu Feng can’t determine his case, but he highly doubts that the man is human. Hence, even after An Zhe is granted entry, he still keeps a close eye on him.


We watched you grow up; your thoughts and your feelings. Do you think your Mother and I wouldn’t notice? Playing mental games, do you think you are in control of everything? In the eyes of parents, you will always be a child!

Father Gu, Assistant Architect

I love you to death. It’s incredible. Before this, I thought I loved you as much as I could have, but today I found that I can still love you even more.

Gu Kaifeng, Don’t You Like Me

Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend

everyday life of a dom boyfriend cover
Title in Chinese S男友的日常
AuthorWarm Ash (暖灰)
GenreComedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review100+++ / 214 chapters
My Rating5 / 5


The everyday adventures of Xia Zhi and his boyfriend Ye Qia, who works as a professional dom.


He too had been at an age where he would rather starve than bow his head. Despite this, people had to keep living, no matter how hard things got. As long as they endured and didn’t dwell in the past, they would later feel like the pain and hardship from back then was just a footprint on the road of life, either deep or shallow.

The Seeing-Eye Dog

He had never formally practiced writing scripts, regular scripts, and the like, but whenever he saw a word, he would have already thought about how to write it so that it looked its best. Afterwards, he would be able to use his hands to turn his imagination into reality.

When your heart and hands are connected, writing your heart down would turn into a pleasurable activity. Because words are first outlined in the heart, so if your heart has a ravine, then your words would have a ravine; if your heart has a sea in it, then your words would also contain the sea.

The Promise Sealed With Our Lips