Chapter 20

Later that day, Gu Qingpei called back to explain why he hung up abruptly. He said it was his new driver…

Chapter 19

He Gu felt heat rush to his eyes as his vision suddenly became a little blurry.

Episode 11: My Man

He Gu gets hurt protecting his man. Song Juhan might actually own a heart after all…

Chapter 18

Having been eating in silence for five minutes, He Gu felt that it was too boring to have a meal face-to-face like this while being …

Episode 9: Intimacy

Xiao Song suddenly calls He Gu in the middle of the night… could something have happened to Song Juhan?
Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 53: Be with Me

To Chang An, words spoken were like spilt water. In his whole life, he had never gone back on his words, except for that one …
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