Chapter 38: Heavy Rain

Like a warrior boy who longed to be strong, every time Luda saw Chang An’s saber, his eyes would shine with a light of great …

Chapter 20

67. Xiao Wangye held the letter in his hand and read it over and over for a long time. It was only three words, but he …

Chapter 36: Palpitations

Those howling sounds made a nerve in Chang An’s head throb with pain. It hurt so much, it felt like something was tightly pressing against …

Chapter 35: Ground Fire

A’Ye carefully washed Chang An’s wounds, and then gave him some medicine to stop the bleeding.

Chapter 33: A Natural Disaster

When Shan Xi said “trample,” Hua Yi immediately thought of a lot. This area they’re in was actually a plain that stretched from the middle …

Chapter 29

This was a kiss. Yu Qiu stupidly stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, as if wanting to taste the remnant flavor.

Chapter 28

Right now, there was an utterly frightful fact in front of Yu Qiu, but he didn’t want to believe it.
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