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Chapter 33: A Natural Disaster

When Shan Xi said “trample,” Hua Yi immediately thought of a lot. This area they’re in was actually a plain that stretched from the middle …
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Chapter 29

This was a kiss. Yu Qiu stupidly stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, as if wanting to taste the remnant flavor.
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Chapter 28

Right now, there was an utterly frightful fact in front of Yu Qiu, but he didn’t want to believe it.
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Chapter 19

64. Yan-daren entered the palace when he was seven, and as soon as he did, he became the personal bodyguard of the Little Emperor.  He went to …
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Chapter 18

61. Only one wall separated Rui Wang Mansion and Yan-daren’s newly-bought house. In the evening, after all the people in the mansion had gone to sleep, …
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Chapter 17

57. “I also need a heater,” Xiao Wangye spoke in a low and muffled voice as he shrank into the quilt, exposing only the part above …
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Chapter 16

54. It was half a month later that Yan-daren opened his eyes again. He lay on his bed and looked around the room filled with rare tonics …

Chapter 2

When He Gu woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. The sun was shining so hot on his face that He Gu opened …

Chapter 1

For several days now, the entire city had been downcast due to the heavy rain pouring down on the capital. The dark clouds resembled the …
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