Reborn as a System

book cover
Title in Chinese重生成系统
AuthorLóng Qī (龙柒)
Genre:Action, Mature, Romance, Shounen Ai, Xianxia, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review89 / 100
My Rating3 / 5


When Shi Qing died, he got reborn as a System. He had read some transmigration stories before where the protagonists would have the System as their golden finger; he never expected to end up becoming one of these so-called golden fingers!

As a new System, he has to find a host to bind to; otherwise, spend the next hundred years all alone in his System space. But the only person who is qualified to bind to the System turned out to be a psychopath!

What to do! He can tolerate working with a psychopath, but crossing through different worlds with him, can he endure?


Reborn as a System is probably the only world-hopping novel I’ll ever finish reading because, for once, the ML world-hops with the MC.

Most world-hopping or quick transmigration stories have the MC stay in one world for a while to accomplish a task, meet the ML and fall in love, but when the mission is complete, MC would have to move on to the next world, leaving ML behind… And this really breaks my heart.

I easily get attached to characters and it pains me when their story is over. Even though I know that, in quick transmigration stories, ML will reincarnate into the next world and meet MC again… it’s not enough. It feels unusual, and it leaves me unsatisfied.

RAAS is different. ML world-hops with MC and retains his memory from the previous world when he crosses over. MC is the system, the ML’s golden finger. He’s with ML all the time and I just love reading about their interactions.

This is why I like this novel. ML grows together with MC. There is no love-at-first-sight when a reincarnated-ML sees MC for the second, third, or fourth time in different worlds.

It’s not the best world-hopping novel out there though. The plot in some of the worlds are not as amazing or complex as other fast wear stories I’ve tried reading. The characters are also simple, and they don’t undergo much development. Even the plot of the last world, the ML’s world, is rather lacking compared to the previous worlds, which is really disappointing since it’s supposed to be the finale.

I MTL’ed most of this story, and now I’m only a few chapters away from the ending. However, I’m currently putting it on-hold until the translator catches up because, for once, I’d like to read the ending, not with broken English, but with grammatically correct sentences.