Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend

everyday life of a dom boyfriend cover
Title in Chinese S男友的日常
AuthorWarm Ash (暖灰)
GenreComedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review100+++ / 214 chapters
My Rating5 / 5


The everyday adventures of Xia Zhi and his boyfriend Ye Qia, who works as a professional dom.


Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend is definitely one of my most favorite danmei stories. Not one chapter is boring. There’s comedy to lighten things up when it gets too dark, and tension and drama before things get too bleak. The novel is also very realistic as it portrays real-life issues that are usually not talked about in danmei.

Moreover, the interactions between the MC and ML are hilarious, especially when they start falling in love. The two of them are such dorks for each other, and it’s so cute!

How Xia Zhi and Ye Qia grow together in their love is so wholesome and heartwarming. They both admit they have flaws, and they both try to make up for it. They are so mature in handling their relationship that the story never ends up becoming a dog-blood story even if, at times, it seems like it’s heading towards that route.

It’s a danmei novel that subverts a lot of danmei tropes. There are no scum tops, and no idiotic MCs. It’s got the right balance of fluff, conflict, aaand smexy times hehe.

But what I love most about this story is that the angst never intensifies for angst’s sake. Just when the story makes you feel like you’re on the edge of a cliff, on the verge of falling, the author pulls you back and throws you into a pile of flowers. Your heart that was rising to your throat would fall back in place, and everything would feel right in the world.

It’s really too bad that I accidentally deleted all my mobile bookmarks. I wasn’t taking note of what chapter I was already on. All I can remember is that it was in the hundred-plus, and that I’m already way ahead of the novel’s translations.