If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die

book cover
Title in Chinese不谈恋爱就去死
AuthorLóng Qī (龙柒)
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this review81 / 105
My Rating3.5 / 5


Among the many people in the entertainment circle, the one person Ye Chen can’t stand is the hypocrite, Ren Jing. Ren Jing seems kind and amiable, but Ye Chen couldn’t listen to half a sentence he says.

Then one night, Ye Chen gets drunk. When he wakes up, he finds himself lying right next to a naked Ren Jing, the Film Emperor himself!

Ye Chen: Son of a b*tch!

Ye Chen runs away, and in his panic, he got into an accident and dies. Time, however, rewinds and brings him back right before his death.

He thought everyone knew about this matter, but then he heard a voice inside his head:

“Daily Task: Kiss Ren Jing and you will be rewarded with 1 survival point after completion.”

“Friendly Reminder: Your life will be taken back if your survival point is less than 1.”

Ye Chen: !!!


If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die is a very fun and light-hearted romance story about Ye Chen falling in love with Ren Jing as he carries out the shameless tasks issued by the Death System. There was never one chapter that I wasn’t laughing at Ye Chen’s stupid antics and excuses whenever he does a task.

The plot is straightforward and simple. You can enjoy it without thinking too much. The characters are rather generic in the danmei world, but it makes up for it with comedy and romance.

If I were to describe this novel with one word, then I’d use the Filipino word, kilig. It’s just perfect for it. It doesn’t have a direct English translation, but the closest would be is “the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach.”

But it’s more than that fluttery and heart-thumping feeling. Kilig is excitement, ecstasy, and glee. It’s when you couldn’t stop smiling just because your crush noticed you earlier. Or when you stay awake at night, remembering how your lover made you happy.

If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die just gives you a lot of that kilig feeling. So if you’re single and would like to experience what puppy love feels like, then read this.