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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your translation update schedule?

Bestial BladeMondays
Xiao JiuWednesdays
Seal Cultivation for Self-ImprovementFridays

My timezone is GMT+8, but please note that there may be a one or two-day allowance for updates in case I get sick, get sidetracked on some other project, or have a mental breakdown haha

Can I repost and/or redistribute your translations?

No, absolutely not! Even if you credit me, you are not allowed to repost or redistribute my translations

Can I retranslate your translations into another language?

You will have to contact me first. I’ll have to ask you a few questions before I allow you to retranslate my work. However, I don’t advice you translating from my English translations coz a lot of the original Chinese meaning might get lost in the process. I suggest you translate straight from the raws instead.

How can I read your translations offline?

I also post my translations on Wattpad, and using their mobile app, just add a novel to your private library. Wattpad will automatically download existing chapters and sync new updates when you’re connected to the internet.

Note: Updates on Wattpad are posted much later than here on the website. Any future revisions on the chapters also won’t be applied there, unless I feel like editing it.

Update (Jun 23, 2020): I have discontinued my Bestial Blade TL’s on Wattpad, because I often do a lot of revisions–sometimes even major ones–on the chapters here on my website.

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