You are my Sunshine Chapter 1: A Cat Appears!

[Last updated on April 6, 2020]

Author’s Notes

I’ve been wanting to write this fanfic for a long time now, but I’ve been busy with my original novel during NaNoWriMo and I’ve been on a translation spree of several danmei stories for the most part of December. But now, I’ve finally decided to make time for this.

This story is inspired from my own experiences with my one of family’s cats, Lily. (He’s male, but my sisters mistakenly gave him a girl’s name coz they thought he was a girl when he was born.) He’s been my only friend during my entire stay here at my parent’s house, and though he can be quite a little shit, he’s still a cute little shit.

And since I also love MoShang and have been reading lots of Garfield comics lately, this fanfic was born~

Shang Qinghua fumbles at the door, testing several keys on the lock before one of them finally fits. He breathes a sigh of relief; god knows how long he’s been standing outside, enduring the bite of the winter wind. After picking up the two plastic bags he’s placed on the floor earlier, he pushes the door open with the side of his body, and then closes it with the back of his foot.

“Aah, it’s so nice to be home!” he says, but only the howling of the wind answers.

A window in the living room is open, letting the icy chill into the house.

Guess I forgot to close it… As Shang Qinghua thought so, he reaches out to close the window.

In the kitchen, he drops the plastic bags on the dining table–which also serves as his working table–and they land with a thud. Shang Qinghua clicks his tongue. It would’ve been nice if these bags were heavy because of some valuables inside. Too bad all they carry were packs of instant noodles, several canned goods, and some junk food. These were his ration for the week.

As he begins to sort out his noodles–by flavor, mind you–and put the canned goods in the cupboard, suddenly there was a–


A cat?

His hand holding a can of beef loaf stops in midair as he whips his head around. He doesn’t see a cat.

I must be hearing things…

He turns again to the cupboard, its door having closed on its own earlier. He reaches out to open it again, and then places the can inside.

It would be nice to have a cat though, he thinks as he walks to his room with his junk food. There’s a slipper keeping the door of his room slightly ajar. He must’ve left it there earlier in his haste to catch up with the grocery’s limited time sale, which he almost forgot about.

He pushes it aside when he opens the door fully. When he looks into his room, he sees two bright blue eyes staring at him.


“Aah!” He yelps in surprise, and hurriedly turns on the light.

Lying on his bed is a cat with midnight black fur. It stares at Shang Qinghua with a cold look–if that could even be said of a cat–before turning away to lick at the side of his body in quite a difficult angle. It is only then Shang Qinghua notices that the cat is injured, blood dripping from its body and onto the sheets.

Author’s End Notes

Thank you so much for reading! Please tell me what you think in the comments~

And if you’re wondering what breed of cat Mobei Jun is, he’s an Ojos Azules (which literally means “Blue Eyes”). I have no idea if this cat can be found in China, but they’re really pretty, okay?

Also, black cats are generally considered lucky in Asia~

Mobei Jun's cat form
Mobei Jun’s Cat Form

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