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Memorable lines from danmei novels

So to be able to find you and be with you, does that still not count as my luck being good?

Chen Xing, Dinghai Fusheng Records

A lone Milky Way ran through the spring night, seeming as if they had crossed into time immemorial. The stars were like vestiges left by a dragon in the night, like a waterfall flowing from the top of its head. Xiang Shu held onto Chen Xing, raised his head, and gazed up at the glittering silver traces in the night sky.

The Milky Way in the South held no differences from the Milky Way in the North; the lives between heaven and earth seemed insignificantly small at this moment. After all, they were only imperceptible creatures under the vast arching sky.

Dinghai Fusheng Records

Although the people who passed away are gone now, there will always be people still by your side. Cherish the people before you.

Xiang Shu, Dinghai Fusheng Records

Man is actually a magical creature, often times foreseeing their own death.

The heavens will also give them hints in mysterious ways. However, they often miss these chances at life, letting their lives slip from their own hands.

Grim Reapers makes his C-Debut

“When it comes to feelings, hesitating is the worst.”

To hesitate meant you didn’t really like them. If you really liked them, then even if there were numerous hills and streams or a mountain of swords and a sea of flames, then you wouldn’t hesitate at all.

Cheng Jianyu, After Being in a Relationship With the Slag Gong Substitute, the White Moonlight came Back

A person who couldn’t insist on what he wanted to do wouldn’t be able to do it well. He would not spend time to coach such an unsteady person.

The Young General’s Wife is Mr. Lucky

Wei WuXian, who was the one who broke his promise and betrayed the Jiang Sect first? Tell me. That I’d be the sect leader and you’d be my subordinate, that you’d help me your whole life, that so long as the GusuLan Sect had its Two Jades, the YunmengJiang Sect would have its Two Prides, that you’d never betray me or betray the Jiang Sect—who was the one that said these?! I’m asking you—who was the one that said all these?! Did you eat all your fucking words?!

Jiang Cheng, Mo Dao Zu Shi

Feeling the strength of his hand, Zhang Siyi’s heart was fluttering. There wasn’t a need to say more. Suddenly, it was enough. There was no need for empty vows or exaggerated sweet talk. Hand-in-hand, they were together and didn’t care who was around staring at them.

Assistant Architect

At the table, I mentioned how distance was the best test of feelings. Why is it the best? Using reverse psychology, it is best because it is the most powerful killer of emotions. We are all simply human. When separated by thousands of miles, it is difficult to guarantee what will happen with our hearts when we are lonely and left vulnerable.

The power of distance and time is much stronger than you think. You may not be able to overcome it, so don’t be so quick to test your feelings. Most ordinary people don’t make it through the test. Don’t test your luck, and do everything in your power to stay together as much as possible so you won’t have any regrets.

Xie Jiayi, Assistant Architect

When children are surrounded by love, they would know how to care for the people around them, even though they are young.