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I don’t draw often, but I try…

hei dan fanart

Mo Wang is also known as Devil on NovelUpdates, but that’s a mistranslation. Devil Prince or Devil King should be closer… But anyways, I am sooooo in love with this novel. It’s sooo good, but so underrated, and Hei Dan is just soooo cute!!!


Even though Junling grew up to be a cool guy, he still gets shy sometimes when his gege showers him with affections (*^.^*)

And yes, Yin Chang gave him that Xiao Ling shirt haha


Shang Qinghua after the “kiss”: S-sir, w-we should pr-practice social distancing!!!

Here’s the MoShang mask kiss without a background… which I feel actually looks better than the colored background version.

Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu from The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Airplane Bro calls Cucumber Bro for help while panic buying… coz there’s only canned soup!

Art made for the Lockdown Mini Bang in the DoneDanMei Discord Server and is based on the fic (always had) high, high hopes by llwydion on AO3.