Hidden Pains

Some things were fine when they were in your mind, but when spoken out, it would be like adding oil to the fire.



There was absolutely no way to retreat. If one was afraid but did nothing about it, they would only continue to grow even more afraid.



When he no longer obsesses over the past and has learned how to think, then he will he have truly grown up.


Love makes you stronger

He was never a saint, but love made it easy to be humble, easy to forgive, and easy to tolerate, letting him bear the weight of those things he had thought he wouldn’t be able to bear.

mermaid effect book covers

Novel Review: Mermaid Effect

The novel would forcibly configure stomach-churning images in my mind. With vivid descriptions of violence and claustrophobic portrayals of the characters’ struggles, one should have high tolerance for disturbing content in order to fully enjoy this amazing thriller.

hei dan fanart

Hei Dan

Hei Dan from the novel, Mo Wang (listed as Devil on NovelUpdates)



There was a person who knew everything about him, would unconditionally accept all of him, and would say over and over again that they’ll always be with him. And yet he knew nothing about him.

mr rong's lovelorn diary book cover

Novel Review: Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

It has quite a refreshing take on the Omegaverse trope. The first few chapters are really misleading, so don’t let it deter you. Rong Yi may easily get lovestruck, but he is by no means brainless. On the other hand, Chen Keyao is also not the picture-perfect alpha he seems to be.


Lucky to Find You

So to be able to find you and be with you, does that still not count as my luck being good?