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Major updates about the site and my translations. For minor updates, follow LizNov on twitter @LizonkaNovels

Moved to a new host + Other updates

Lizonka: My plan has expired, and I’ve moved to a self-hosted site. It was impossible to migrate the entire website as it was, so now the site looks very different. Content is still the same though, and the website is now much faster.

Now, in regards to my translations… I wasn’t able to post much last month because my father died. Everything was a mess over here, and only recently have things finally settled down more or less.

But now I’ve got 3 weeks of backlog from school. I also recently started a new part-time job, so I’m even more busy than I was before. I honestly cannot promise any updates soon, but I swear that I will finish Bestial Blade and Years of Intoxication. (Especially you, Bestial Blade. F*** you, I’ve been working on you since 2019, why are you still not finished grrr)

By the way, future updates of the Drunk in Love manhua will be posted on Hillary’s BuyMeACoffee. I’m on a very cheap hosting plan now, and… well, managing images is also much more work than I thought it would be. All Drunk in Love updates will now be on Hillary’s page. The Drunk in Love chapters here on the site will also be taken down once I release the 3.0 revamp of this site, which I’ve been working on since April.

Anyways, that’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. Please also report if you encounter any problems in the new site.

My beta reading service for BL stories is once again open!

I had to close my service before because life got in the way, but now I am finally opening it again!

My rates are super affordable, and options for a discount will also be available to you if you have at least 3,000 words in your story.

More details about what I offer and how it works can be found on this page.

Lizonka here, and I’m once again going into a hiatus, but this time, it’s gonna be a long one.

Two years ago, I started this blog as a way to cope with my depression while on a break from uni, but now, running this blog has lost a bit of that therapeutic effect. It’s now more stressful than fun, and it even gets in the way in my studies.

I hope to take this time off to reconnect with the things that really matter to me and to reevaluate what I want to do with my life. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I’ll definitely be back.

However, I will not be dropping Bestial Blade and Years of Intoxication.

I still have a stockpile of chapters for those two novels. For Bestial blade, I will make the pages in advance on my site and schedule them to release at random times. For YOI (novel), I will make drafts of the chapters I have translated and just let Hillary publish them when the time comes. Hillary will be translating the rest of the chapters until I return. As for the YOI manhua, it’s all entirely up to Hillary.

The membership on Buymeacoffee for advanced updates on Years of Intoxication will also continue. Hillary will just be the one managing it.

The True God falls from the heavens, morals collapse and decay,

Heavenly law wellaway, and men can turn into beasts,

The blade-bearer roars, and the grazer rushes.

It rushes and rushes, lightly and resigned…

Bestial Blade by Priest

I’ve been rereading some of the earlier chapters to recall some details, and I noticed that, in Chapter 1, the elder sung a song when it gave baby Chang An a bone plate. The first translator didn’t translate it though, so I’ll be doing it instead, since this song seems very important in the story. It has been alluded to many times, as well.

Translator’s Notes


The first two lines lament the corruption of humankind. and Joyce of the Chrysanthemum Garden server helped me out immensely in translating this!

食草 – Literally, to feed on grass, and hence, “grazer.” Probably a metaphor for the weaker ones (i.e. sub-beasts and women)

Alternative Translations

audio drama cover
This is the song that Song Juhan sang for He Gu in Chapter 63 of Years of Intoxication.

The song title, 爱何辜 (Ài hé gū), can be translated as “Why do you let me down if you love me?” In Chinese, it sounds sounds similar to 爱何故 (Ài Hé Gù), which means “I Love He Gu.”

I and Hillary are yet to translate the chapter of the novel that has this song, but we’ll post the lyrics here when we do.

Hillary: Hi guys! Since I won’t be posting a new chapter for this week’s YOI novel… I thought I’d give you guys a little something else instead. Here’s a little snippet from the first verse of Song Juhan’s Song “Ai He Gu” – this version I’ve been working on is one where I’ve taken the meaning of the Chinese lyrics and translated it to match the song’s melody so that it can be sung along in English. Hope you guys like it and enjoy!

Ai He Gu (爱何辜) – Sing along version

Composer: Xu Shuai
Lyrics: Jing Shui
Original Author/Lyrics: Shui Qian Cheng
Director/Producer: Jing Shui
Music Arrangement: Xu Shuai
Singer: Daidai Akuma

(0:34-1:14) – Verse A

他們說愛情讓人 寸步難移
Tāmen shuō àiqíng ràng rén … cùnbù nán yí
They say love will make you… unable to move 
他們說入戲太深 難免悲劇
Tāmen shuō rù xì tài shēn … nánmiǎn bēijù
And if you fall too deep… love will hurt you
我聽過很多愛情 的大道理
Wǒ tīngguò hěnduō àiqíng … de dà dàolǐ
I’ve heard them all before… of love’s great truths
我唱過太多鋪滿 愛的歌曲
Wǒ chàngguò tài duō pù mǎn … ài de gēqǔ
And have sung all the love songs… that I once knew
而我從來不懂什麼 什麼是愛情
Ér wǒ cónglái bu dǒng shénme … shénme shì àiqíng
But I never understood what… falling in love was

Title: 星霜换

I uploaded this first on Youtube, but then they had it blocked in some countries because of copyright restrictions. And so, I’m reuploading it here~

I honestly have no idea what it means. My Chinese is not good enough to understand Chinese songs without subtitles. All I know is that the song sounds amazing!

And I dunno if it’s just the song but… The song seems to uuhh… vibrate in some parts? Maybe there were problems while I was recording it XD

I’ve had enough of Tumblr. They automatically terminated my account and I didn’t even know why. All my blogs were taken down, except for I’m guessing they forgot to include that one since it had a custom domain name.

But even though was still up, I couldn’t access it. I had my account and my blogs restored within 24 hours after I reported it to Tumblr, but I’m still mad about it.

This is the third time it happened, and I’m not gonna risk having it happen again. Hence, after much indignation, I’m finally abandoning that blue hellsite for my translations blog. My personal and fandom Tumblr blogs are still up though, but for Lizonka Novels (previously known as Lizonka Web Novels), WordPress is its new home.

I hastily set up this site within 2-3 days. There might be some errors, so I will occasionally change stuff within this week until I get everything right.

While I was transferring my translations here, I also took the liberty of revising some chapters (mostly Bestial Blade) for better readability. I also corrected some minor spelling and grammar errors that I had missed when I first published them.

However, the remastered version of previously published chapters will only be available here on It’s too much of a hassle to also update my translations posted on Wattpad.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to read everything on my site again if you’ve only been reading on Wattpad. I didn’t change much… just a few words here and there. However, I strongly recommend reading the future updates here on the site instead of on Wattpad. I post the translations here first, and any future edits will only be posted here. You could also easily jump from your reading position to a translator’s note and back.