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Song Juhan Screaming and Crying (Audio Drama Excerpt)

Last updated on January 22, 2021
Taken from Episode 3 of the Audio Drama. Scene from Chapter 48 in the novel

Today, I found out that the novel, Years of Intoxication, has an audio drama adaptation. AND I WAS SOOO EXCITED.

The audio above plays out the confrontation scene between He Gu and Song Juhan from Chapter 48 in the novel.

Years of Intoxication is my go-to dog blood novel when I need to release some pent-up tears and rage (coz I’m an emotional mess). It’s terrible romance, but it makes you feel things, okay? And for someone who feels detached on most days, I need some high quality trash to feel alive every now and then.

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ahhh i can’t wait to read this chapter when it comes out ^q^ ML abuse! ML abuse! ML abuse!

thanks for the snippet ♡


I know you guys are working on the novel and manhua as well as some other projects but I’m still curious. Are you guys considering translating the audio drama too?

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