Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement Chapter 23 Part 2 English Translation

[Last updated on August 15, 2020]

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Hey guys, I’ve translated this novel up to Chapter 29… but after that, I won’t be translating anymore.

Honestly, I’ve lost interest in this novel and would like to stop. Now that I don’t really like it, translating has become such a chore.

There are lot of reasons to still read it though, like the cutie Gao Conghan and Xu Hong, who is yet to make waves so far in the translation. (Xu Hong is actually a likeable guy btw uwu)

But as for the MC, Yu Qiu, I don’t really like him anymore after I read past the 40’s or 50’s chapters… (I knew I shouldn’t have read ahead o(≧口≦)o )

I won’t explain why to avoid spoiling it for you, and who knows, maybe you will still like him even after then. But as for me, this story is no longer my cup of tea… I’ll explain my reasons more after I’ve posted Chapter 29.

To any translator who’d like to pick this novel up after me, then you may start translating from Chapter 29 (as there’s still part of it towards the end that I haven’t translated yet), and you can just stock up chapters from there until I’m done posting up to 29 haha

Read SCSI 23.2

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