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Novel Rec List: Male Lead Grovels before the Main Character

[Last updated on March 10, 2021]

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Xu Bai Chuan has loved Tang Jin since childhood, but the latter has always had a different person in his heart. Back when Tang Jin had to come out to his parents, Xu Bai Chuan had agreed to pretend to be his lover, shielding the real lover from scorn and discrimination.

Tang Jin’s parents couldn’t do anything about his sexuality, so they thought of of using Xu Bai Chuan to keep him in check instead. Because of this, Tang Jin and his friends loathed Xu Bai Chuan. For years, Xu Bai Chuan had to endure being humiliated by Tang Jin’s friends. And when Tang Jin’s first love returned, he knew it was time for him to stop holding on.


This could’ve ranked higher in the list if the conflict was more substantial. All the problems could’ve been avoided if Tang Jin spoke about his feelings for at least once in the years he was with Xu Bai Chuan.

The groveling here also didn’t have me invested. Since the story starts with Xu Bai Chuan deciding to leave Tang Jin, I feel suddenly thrusted into a quarrel between outsiders, and it makes me unsure if I should care.

I still enjoyed reading this though… It just didn’t make me feel things as much as the others.

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Shen Kanyu had chased after Gu Yansheng from the moment they met and all years following. He has been married to him for 3 years, has birthed a daughter for him, and now lives at this house he hates to return to, cooking for him even on days he doesn’t return. Still, he is content to continue on as long as their days pass like this.

In a place where their hands touch the same bowl, where Gu Yansheng comes to linger in his daughter’s grip, and where warmth softly ghosts him. Easing the ache in his bones, a home that belongs to him, a place he can watch a beautiful little girl and the man he loves happily till the day he dies. A piece of paper at the bottom of a drawer, a rough sketch of a family of three as they walk hand in hand and a dark smear staining the corner of the page. Yet all this still feels sweet.


If you’re fond of novels where MC likes to torment himself a lot, then this is for you. Shen Kanyu keeps beating himself up that I feel like his only personality left is his anxiety.

Although I love reading about MC’s abusing themselves, I read it with the hope that they’re gonna grow and realize that they have always been deserving of love. But there’s none of that in this novel. It’s just pain after pain after pain.

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Lin Xian had always believed that Qin Lang loved him. The man was cold, yet that didn’t stop him from always coming onto him. However, on the night of their high school farewell party, all delusions he ever had were shattered when he heard Qin Lang himself say that he found Lin Xian disgusting.


Lin Xian used to be a sweet and innocent guy who would love freely, but after having his heart broken, he is now afraid to love. He’s also most especially afraid of people saying that they love him, for he finds it hard to believe. For someone with anxiety, his fears are so relatable, it hurts.

The male lead, Qin Lang, on the other hand, is not really that scummy compared to other MLs in this list. In fact, he just had his own issues that first made him reject Lin Xian; he doesn’t actually hate him. He really regretted having hurt Lin Xian before and is now doing all he can to make it up to him.

I don’t really have much to say about this novel, for the reconciliation came too fast. I prefer my dog-blood novels to have a little more suffering~

And that ends our list! When I find more good dog-blood novels, I’ll add them and update this post. Feel free to send some novel recs in the comments below!

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