On Writing

He had never formally practiced writing scripts, regular scripts, and the like, but whenever he saw a word, he would have already thought about how to write it so that it looked its best. Afterwards, he would be able to use his hands to turn his imagination into reality.

When your heart and hands are connected, writing your heart down would turn into a pleasurable activity. Because words are first outlined in the heart, so if your heart has a ravine, then your words would have a ravine; if your heart has a sea in it, then your words would also contain the sea.The Promise Sealed With Our Lips

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Social Responsibility

When people live in the world, they are subject to a variety of constraints—restrictions, so to speak, but also protection. …

Anxious for Me

He's very anxious for me. Very, very anxious. Far more anxious than I am about myself.


Feeling the strength of his hand, Zhang Siyi’s heart was fluttering. There wasn’t a need to say more. Suddenly, it …

Lucky to Find You

So to be able to find you and be with you, does that still not count as my luck being …
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