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If capriciousness can solve the problem, then what is the need for ideas? If madness can attain everything, then what are morality and law for? If, because of a little bit of unhappiness, everybody neglects their duties and abandons everything to focus on their own pain, then how can society progress?

Rationality, rules, public opinion, human relationships… When people live in the world, they are subject to a variety of constraints—restrictions, so to speak, but also protection. There are some lines that can never be crossed.High Energy QR Code

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On Love

What is love in this world? It's just a matter of reducing someone to new lows.


He had seen many people like You Jing who were happy to help the weak to satisfy their boring vanity…

Yours for Life

I love you to death. It’s incredible. Before this, I thought I loved you as much as I could have,…
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