He too had been at an age where he would rather starve than bow his head. Despite this, people had to keep living, no matter how hard things got. As long as they endured and didn’t dwell in the past, they would later feel like the pain and hardship from back then was just a footprint on the road of life, either deep or shallow. The Seeing-Eye Dog

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A person who couldn't insist on what he wanted to do wouldn't be able to do it well.

Yours for Life

I love you to death. It’s incredible. Before this, I thought I loved you as much as I could have,…


You never know. I don't care if anyone else is disappointed. But to some, the very existence of a certain…

A Broken Promise

That so long as the GusuLan Sect had its Two Jades, the YunmengJiang Sect would have its Two Prides, that…
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