Please use the spoiler tags properly when writing a review on NovelUpdates

Last updated on June 14, 2020


I just read a spoilery review on Seal Cultivation, and now I don’t feel like translating it anymore uuughhh. There’s a reason why I just read as I translate, and it’s too keep myself motivated. Coz if I already know what’s gonna happen, then why would I bother translating???? I could just keep what I know to myself.

So let me emphasize this: SPOILER TAGS ARE NOT FOR SIDE COMMENTS. They are not hashtags and not ooh-click-me-for-surprise!

SPOILER TAGS ARE WARNINGS AND SAFETY MEASURES. They’re to warn people reading reviews that there’s a spoiler ahead and that they should skip it. It prevents people from losing the joy of reading the novel while still being able to see what others think about it.

I beg you. If you put spoilers without enclosing them in spoiler tags, then get lost. You’re just ruining everything for everyone else, and it’s not funny.

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