Novel Review: The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

Chinese Title二哈和他的白猫师尊
GenreAction, Drama, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Romance, Xianxia
Chapters readAll
My Rating4.2 / 5


(taken from Rynnamonrolls’s translations)

Emperor of the cultivation world Mo Weiyu deceived elders and slaughtered ancestors, and committed all crimes and sins known to man. After ending his own life, he was reborn and transmigrated to the year he first became a disciple.

In the shell of a boy held an old and weary soul. After coming back to life, truth after truth that had been hidden below the surface in the previous floated to the top and broke through the waters one after the other.

Of all the revelations, the one that stunned him the most was that the Shizun that he had hated to the bone in his previous life had always been protecting him from the shadows…

The heart of man can change; even demons and monsters can become compassionate to do good. Only, he had sinned deeply. Can the blood on his hands ever be cleansed?


The Husky and his White Cat Shizun (more commonly known as 2HA) is one of the web novels I felt would’ve been better off if it had been written in the standards or format of a published book. Although I don’t think web novels are any less than published books, they do have some key differences–the former mostly being easier to read and digest. And 2HA is anything but an easy read.

At first glance, the novel seems like your typical rebirth story. I’ve read lots of stories where MC tries to make up to ML, so I thought this story was going to be made from the same dough. And oh, how very wrong I was.

2HA is a wild ride from start to finish. I started from wanting Mo Ran to drop dead to wanting to cradle him in my arms and protect him from the world. His character development was so well-written that you wouldn’t even recognize him by the end of the story.

The sub-plots of the other characters were also compelling and mindboggling. They gave me the Game of Thrones vibe. Each one of them has such complex minds and motivations that how I wish the story, or at least Book Two, was written in more POVs, aside from just Mo Ran’s and Chu Wanning’s. The author seemed to be hasty in introducing the other key characters that, before I could even learn to love them, I was already thrusted into so much plot and confusion. Many times, I wished there were chapters written in the points of view of Nangong Si, Ye Wangxi, Shi Mei, and many more. They all seem very interesting, but I was too focused on the plot to care about them.

And speaking of plot, how 2HA turned out in the end was extremely unexpected. I’m not even sure if I like it, though I’m definitely glad that it’s a happy ending. I don’t know how to describe it without mentioning any spoilers, but how the author brought together the “past” and the “present” was rather… bizarre. Unique, to say the least. But I’m not complaining.

Overall, 2HA is not a cookie-cut rebirth story, nor is it a mere gratifying scum-man-gets-retribution story. It goes beyond the tropes it presents itself to be in, making it one of the most unforgettable danmei reads. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but it’s definitely something I would love to recommend.

On Book One

Book One focuses on Mo Ran realizing how he had misjudged his Shizun in his last life, and we also get to see the complicated thoughts of our dear Chu Wanning. We see how the two of them are really crazy for each other, except… One doesn’t realize it, while the other wouldn’t dare admit it.

Mo Ran is presented as a simpleton and an idiot who is convinced he hates Chu Wanning, and doesn’t even consider otherwise despite his obvious attraction towards the man. He keeps making up excuses why his heart beats for him, and although his reluctance to admit his feelings is understandable because of what they had gone through in their past lives, it still makes you want to pull out the hair from your scalp and scream.

(His stupidity is “justified” in Book 2 though, BUT STILL!!!)

And Chu Wanning, my baby, is the purest being ever. It’s sad how he is often misunderstood because he’s not good at expressing himself. And it’s even more sad that, despite being a respected grandmaster, he has a deep inferiority complex. He never once hoped that Mo Ran could love him because, not only is he not gentle, he also considers himself “old and ugly.”

I love Chu Wanning so much, and I hated Mo Ran in Book One for hurting him. However, their characters are so well-established that it makes sense why they inevitably end up hurting each other. Yet you can’t help but want to smash their heads together and yell, “Just love each other, damn you!”

But aside from the infuriating ins and outs of their messed-up love story, we also get a glimpse of the darkness and schemes that would explode later on in Book 2. Mo Ran may had been reborn, but he could never escape from the sins of his past life.

Book One closes by shooting an arrow straight to your heart as Mo Ran finally, fudging finally, realized just how much of a fool he had been.

On Book Two

I have mixed feelings about Book Two because, for one, it’s really complex and, two, it could’ve been written better. I had many “Huh? What?” moments, and although it all made sense when you look back on it, some plot points still felt like they came way out from left field.

Book Two starts off with the “retribution” aspect of the story, and reading it was quite satisfying. And eventually we get the long-awaited fluff and romantic development. It was so sweet that I would’ve been okay with the story ending there (and just disregard the rest of the plot and the pain). But ah, 2HA is not 2HA without the knives it is known for.

Reading about Mo Ran’s guilt and fear was very spine-chilling. I had several panic attacks that I had to pause every now and then to calm myself down. Seeing him anxiously running away from his sins while reaching towards the light was heartrending. Many times, the story made me question: What is forgiveness? What is justice?

And who holds the right to crucify a person of their sins? If people cannot be accurately judged as either good or evil, then who should pay for all the pain and the suffering?

All the “villains” in 2HA have understandable reasons for their crimes that you can never truly hate them. Nothing is black and white, but sorrow has muddied the hearts of these people that their view of the world has turned bleak and gray. The story leads us to wonder how people would’ve turned out better if only one or two things were different.

Book Two also had some plot twists, which I felt were unnecessary. There was one which I felt was added only for shock value or extra angst, as if 2HA doesn’t have enough of it. I also hated how there was this one scene that made it sound like all of Mo Ran’s sins from his past life are not really his fault. Although we already have a lot of chapters condemning Mo Ran to counter this, I still feel conflicted about it. Especially when Chu Wanning said that it was his fault for failing as a teacher. That may just be his personality, but let’s not forget that he was also a victim who was often on the receiving end of Mo Ran’s madness in the past life. I don’t know what the author is trying to achieve by having the victim willingly accept the blame for his perpetrator. It gives me some Stockholm Syndrome trope vibes, although just a bit.

Nevertheless, I still love the RanWan ship. How they hurt each other, forgave each other, and grew together really strengthened their love. I’ve never seen a love like theirs that is as strong and unyielding.

I have so many feelings for 2HA, and this review doesn’t even cover half of it. And since I read the novel through the edited MTL going around, I admit that I did not have the full experience in reading it, so this review may not do the novel justice. I plan to update this review once Rynn and Suika’s translations are complete.

Main Translations (Ongoing)Rynn and Suika
The First Translation [Chapters 1-4]Luka
Alternative Translation for Chapters 52-59@ABCDummy1
Alternative Translation for Chapter 60-69@ABCDummy1
Edited Machine Translation (includes all chapters after the main tl)The original mtl is from babelnovel.com, Edits are by Mel and other people.
Extra Chapter 312: Tranquil Life@sanqians
Exra Chapter 313: The Only Possibility@yuka_cchi
Extras Chapter 319-321: Who Touched Xue Mengmeng’s Desserts?@llwy_jmoon
Extras Chapters 332-330: Xue Meng’s Blind Dates (Part 1)@ineluctableM
Extras Chapters 331-342: Xue Meng’s Blind Dates (Part 2)@ineluctableM
Extra Chapter 343: Fighting for Shizun’s Love@yuka_cchi
2HA Fanmade Audio DramaSuibian Subs
Miscellaneous Audio Drama Subs@urghming
Music Video featuring Shi Mei’s Story [Extreme Spoiler Warning]Ahn Ahn

Note: If you own any of the translations above and don’t want to have it linked, you may contact me to have it taken down.

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I love reading and talking about danmei, and I hope to one day write an original BL story set in my own country.

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Stockholm syndrome ? Huh? Sorry but why did it come out and how? I don’t think it’s very right to interpret Chu Wanning’s feelings this way first place

Chu Wanning loved Moran before he became TXJ and there is no any doubt , vacillating feelings or complicated feelings in his side. It’s very obvious he clearly loved him, more than himself never care about what Moran does to him, all he cared wasn’t about himself , he cared only about Moran not what happening to himself

Major spoilers
Eight suffering long hatred flower is deep than you imagine , person who is having the flower will only know the pain of eight suffering and he will live a life worst than a hell. His all good memories will be removed only recalling the feelings of eight suffering , and because tyrannical and bloodthirsty killing monster, and will got to hell for his sins.

Major spoilers
And CWN loved Moran from the beginning , it clearly said it. In Book 1 when Moran kissed him in illusory realm , he immediately went away without saying anything , if he didn’t like Moran, why would he allow that his. He was always jealous of Shimei because of Moran’s interaction with him. He was the one who made him wontons , if his love isn’t real why would he do those. When CWN was a prisoner of Moran , he didn’t hate him for his treatment , Because CWN knew that Moran isn’t the person who used to be his disciple because his disciple was a one willing to build houses for the people who don’t have a house , wishing to have a weapon like Tianwen because it can distinguish the different between the right and wrong and able to save lives, wanting to save earthworms , he was stunned because of the negative transformation of his disciple that’s why he said “I didn’t have a disciple like you ” . And he said “Moran , I am sorry , it’s this shifu’s fault ” it’s because of not he had a syndrome or something , he worried that he couldn’t save his disciple from evil. When he was imprisoned by Taxian-Jun moran who had being manipulated by Hua Binan he still had sex with him and never mentioned they were bad as the wedding night , he even begged to see the face of Moran because he loved him , all those happened before the wedding and getting to know the flower, so how could it be a syndrome ? He didn’t mind what happened to him, he only worried about Moran who has become TXJ and what has happened to him, he just wanted to find out it. He was cold towards to Moran because he didn’t want mastermind to find out and mess his plans. It’s not a syndrome. CWN knew TXJ was in the third stage of flower the situation that is complicated and unable to save him. But still he wanted to save him, didn’t wanna give up. Isn’t it a true love? CWN’s earth soul suppressing the Eight suffering flower in Moran and he carried Moran 3799 steps , all he did because he loved Moran. Not because of a syndrome 

“CWN loved Mo Ran ages before turning into TXJ, and he found about the flower from the first place because he felt something abnormal about his “beloved one” so he seek the truth to help him out from this hell”

Your review is good, it has lots of informations but the part of ” stockholm syndrome ” misleading some people , I wish you understand what I say.

Last edited 2 months ago by Lizonka

Spoiler ⚠️️⚠️️

Actually in ancient Asia being a teacher means he is valued a lot to considered as the second parent who takes care of you after your parents. Master and Disciple relationship is the next important relationship after their parents. That’s why ancient Asian treated their teacher as their parents 

If his disciple went on a wrong track and misbehave , a teacher personally feel upset. And society too blame the both teachers and disciples at the end for misbehave of person , you may remember in the first chapter person say “Mo Weiyu is a disciple of Chu-zongshi , as a shifu he must be the one who responsible for his disciple’s walking on wrong path” and it said “father is blamed for his sons misbehaves, a shifu is also blamed for his disciples misbehaviors” 

In word “shifu” – “fu” means father , in ancient time a teacher considered as a “father” so that’s why CWN was little bit insecure about having feelings towards his disciple , but still he loved his disciple but didn’t wanna show them, because society would frown upon to their forbidden relationship because ancient time disciple are being raised with their teachers. Teacher is the one who show you the path and that’s why a teacher is next to a parent 

“I’m sorry Moran, it’s this shifu’s fault “means he regrets as a teacher he couldn’t protect his disciple and prevent him from choosing the wrong path , he constantly blamed himself instead because he believed the disciple behaviours are upon to his responsibility , he thinks the same way as a parent think about a children. 

They respect teachers a lot, stand when teacher arriving , bow, kowtow to the teacher , calling with respectful pronounce. In Ancient Asia, being a teacher is so valued because he/she is the one who teaches you the life 

This is why I feel CWN feels guilty of himself .

[If you would like, have time, I recommend you The Villain has something to say, it explained this so deeply ]

Last edited 2 months ago by Deleeuw

I am in mobile if you can please


If you felt inconvenience , I would like to ask your apology , The edited still MTL has mistakes those would mislead. So, we were using another translating app to see things clearly , getting help from some native speakers ,people who knows , speaks chinese . In the 309 CWN said was “dou shi ni” -“both are you or it’s all you” but MTL stated it as “it’s all your fault” , very misleading point as I see

Major Spoilers
The concept of stockholm syndrome made a huge argument because the topic is very sensitive , it’s not a real love , because someone who ship CWN x Shimei wanted to prove CWN love towards to Moran is NOT real, it’s feelings from stockholm syndrome but said Moran’s 2.0’s love is genuine and she emphasized again and again meatbun clearly said that which she hasn’t said. Because before the marriage CWN’s love for Moran was still there.

She wanted to prove that Shimei’s love was pure and he deeply loved CWN and didn’t want to give CWN to Moran bla bla and Moran’s love is like a dog when Shimei is the true lover. I personally didn’t know shimei in this lifetime had that much deep love. But hua binan kinda had some feelings , didn’t know if it’s too deep and genuine as Moran’s

I just wonder if she talked about the same novel I read 😂,

Again I ask your apology for inconvenience. I appreciate your review after all

Last edited 2 months ago by Lizonka

As someone in my late 30s who’s gotten more confident and attractive with age, hearing a character in his early 30s who’s repeatedly described as hot moan “I’m so old and ugly” is so ludicrous it broke the 4th wall for me. #kidsthesedays

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