Creatures of Habit Chapter 17 Part 1 English Translation

Last updated on January 22, 2021

I’ve put my Patreon on hiatus coz it’s been a bit difficult to manage ever since I returned to uni. But fret not! You can still access advanced chapters by subscribing to my Buymeacoffee page monthly. I find buymeacoffee much easier to manage than Patreon, so I will be posting advanced updates there.

I’ll be posting one advanced update of each of the novels I’m translating every week over there right after I post the free update here on my site. So for every advanced update of COH, I’ll be posting it there on late Fridays or early Saturdays (GMT+8). And since I’m translating three novels at the same time, that’s 3 chapters/week or 12 chapters/month ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

If you don’t want to pay monthly, then you can still buy me a coffee once. But if you do so, please indicate which novel you want to get an extra update.

Read Chapter 17.1 on Site

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