On Late Releases and Upcoming May Hiatus

[Last updated on December 8, 2020]

I tried, but now all I can say is fuck the update schedule.

I aggravated my wrist injury three days ago when I just had to wash the bedsheets (I posted about this on Twitter). Now, typing with my right hand for long periods of time has become even more difficult.

I’m thinking of also taking a break on translating for the whole month of May. This whole pandemic has really taken a toll on my mental health. I’m also turning 21 on the first of May, by the way, and I think I’ll be ushering into some kind of “psychological puberty” on that day haha

Anyways, I’m emotionally and mentally stressed, and this wrist injury is just making things worse. I’m not giving up translating though or dropping any of the novels, just taking a break.

Thank you all for supporting me this whole time. Words cannot express how grateful I am. And I hope you’re all safe and staying at home ❤

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