Advanced Chapters will now be posted on Buymeacoffee

[Last updated on December 8, 2020]

I’ve mentioned this in some of my chapter updates, but to those who don’t know yet, advanced chapters will now be posted on my Buymeacoffee page instead of on Patreon.

Patreon is a bit difficult for me to manage now that I’m back in uni, and after 2 months of using it, I still can’t quite get used to it… Buymeacoffee, on the other hand, is very minimal and straightforward.

To those who don’t know BMC, it’s basically like Ko-fi Gold plus a simpler version of Patreon. You can buy me a coffee one-time or you can do it monthly.

If you buy me a coffee one-time then please specify which novel you want to have an extra chapter of. When I reach 5 coffees for that certain novel, I will then release an extra update of it. You don’t have to buy all 5 coffees at once though. You can buy me 1 or 2 coffees, and wait for other readers to buy coffees for the same novel until I reach 5 coffees.

If you buy me a coffee monthly (aka join my membership), then you get access to one extra update of each of the novels I’m translating. Since I’m translating 3 novels at the same time, that’s 3 chapters/week (12 chapters/month).

The membership is only $7/month too!

You don’t need an account to buy me a coffee, but if you’re gonna join the membership, then you’ll definitely have to make one to make sure you can access the advanced updates.

Creating an account on BMC is easy. Just use this link to start.

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