Web Fiction Beta Reading Service

for BL fanfics and original web novels

An affordable beta reading service that caters to your writing style and will help gear your work towards an online audience

Works Accepted

  • Boys love stories, whether fanfiction or original, and is intended to be published online.
  • Works under any of these genres: Action, Adult, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Wuxia, Xianxia, and Xuanhuan
  • Works with a minimum of 1, 000 words and maximum of 50, 000 words

Works not Accepted

  • Works that are not outright BL (queer-baiting)
  • Fanfiction of fandoms I do not know of.
  • Works under these genres: Gender Bender, Harem/Reverse Harem, Mecha, Sci-fi, Shoujo, Sports, and Tragedy | (But if the plot is interesting enough, Lizonka may make exceptions for those under these genres)
  • Works with ped*philia, besti*lity, and/or fetishized dub/non-con as the main content

What You Get

comments icon

Inline Comments

A Google Docs file of your story containing comprehensive inline comments

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Detailed Feedback

Detailed feedback on scene construction, story structure, plot, themes, and characters

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Tailored Suggestions

Personal suggestions (based on your writing style) on how you can improve your story

Basic Proofreading

Basic corrections on grammar and punctuation mistakes


Availing these will have an additional price, which varies per word count

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Extra Dedication

More elaborate “beta reading.”
I basically also work as a proofreader and editor

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Summary & Tags Guide

For fanfiction intended to be posted on AO3, I will suggest tags and help you come up with a good summary that will entice people to read your story.

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Guide Document

Separate document containing an extensive summary of the issues found in your story and how I think you could fix it, as well as my overall reaction to your story.


I was looking for a beta reader for some time so I was really excited to see Lizonka’s post! I’m not a fan of the editing process when it comes to my own work and I feel unhappy posting works which I know will have stupid spelling mistakes and consistency errors, because those are the things that readers will notice even when you’ve read over your work 5 or 6 times and still somehow gloss ever those glaring faults. Having a beta gives that sense (sanity!) check that the work you are putting out there is the best it can be. This is the case for fanfiction as with any other piece of writing. Readers who are passionate about a fandom will disappointed with something that comes across as rushed even when you as the writer may have poured your soul into it and didn’t intend it to come across that way. And wow, what a difference it makes having someone with professional experience who clearly knows what they are doing beta your work! I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this service and I felt a bit nervous wondering what the feedback would be like. I was worried that she might not understand the tone or the feel I was going for, it’s quite exposing having someone cast a critical eye over your work! I am so pleased to report that this wasn’t the case at all. I was actually quite surprised that I ended up following every suggestion she made. Her comments were clear and concise, sometimes amusing too and it actually made the editing process a lot of fun! Every critical comment had a clear reasoning as to why a certain wording or expression might not work from a reader’s point of view, and she made sure to include positive and encouraging comments too when she thought a certain sentence or paragraph was really well written. The layout of the comments was ultra professional looking and super easy to follow and action. By using google docs to clearly track all changes, so you can choose to accept or reject a suggestion line by line. Lizonka didn’t just re-write all sections that she thought didn’t work as well either, instead giving direction on how something could be re-written, putting the onus back into the writer’s hands to rethink or rework a section using the feedback given as a guideline. Lizonka offers far more than just good English language and grammatical skills. For full disclosure I should say that I have no affiliation with Lizonka! I was just super impressed with her work and the detail and depth she goes into, all tailored for the person she is working with and I want to recommend her to others. I wish she could beta read everything I write from now on. Saying that, her aim is to help writers improve and I will definitely take her advice onboard so there may come a day when I don’t need a beta! But I think it will always be helpful to have a second opinion as a sounding board for work before it goes live for the world to see. Be sure to ask for the extra dedication option too as Lizonka will provide extras resources and helpful advice to help you with your craft.
- Emz
Lizzie is a fantastic beta and if you take in the guidance provided, you will grow as a writer. _ One stormy day, I was in dire need of someone to help me review my work. I knew I was onto something but sadly, my skill was lacking as I literally had just started writing and I was still learning what the voice for my wip was, among many other things about creative writing. I was so sick of re-reading my wip and editing it and not understand why it didn't read better. I was frustrated with my myself and how much I needed to improve. Luckily, I found Liz and she was willing to beta for me. I provided my fic via gdrive with comments enabled, and after a few hours, she got back to me. Upon reviewing her notes I was greatly moved by what I found. There was praise on sentences that read well and why. There were also gentle remarks pointing out what could be expanded or what could benefit from some cutting down. The attention to detail, guidance and patience really left me speechless, since I never thought I could receive so much customized feedback to my way of writing. Sincerely, I grew as a writer by listening to the suggestions and pointers provided. So I think this service is important as it is serious work to literally sit there and let a writer know where there is room for improvement or point out areas that could greatly benefit from being rewritten. I think editing, providing constructive criticism and having the patience to provide resources and directive is integral for an piece that one can satisfied with. What I gained from having Lizzie beta my fic was that I loved writing. It is only thanks to her guidance and feedback that I am confident enough to share what I come up with the world. Sometimes as I edit I do ask myself "What would Lizzie say?" and it helps me a lot really. So ultimately, I will close this review with a King quote: “When your story is ready for rewrite, cut it to the bone. Get rid of every ounce of excess fat. This is going to hurt; revising a story down to the bare essentials is always a little like murdering children, but it must be done.” — Stephen King
- Hamu

Lizonka has also been interviewed about her service for the Tip Line in the August 2020 issue of Envie


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