I love reading and talking about danmei, and I hope to one day write an original BL story set in my own country.

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A Broken Promise

That so long as the GusuLan Sect had its Two Jades, the YunmengJiang Sect would have its Two Prides, that you’d never betray me or betray the Jiang Sect—who was the one that said these?!



Yin Chang and Shao Junling from The Perfect Relationship


MoShang Mask Kiss

Shang Qinghua after the “kiss”: S-sir, w-we should pr-practice social distancing!!!

There’s only canned soup!

Airplane Bro calls Cucumber Bro for help while panic buying… coz there’s only canned soup!

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Feeling the strength of his hand, Zhang Siyi’s heart was fluttering. There wasn’t a need to say more. Suddenly, it was enough.

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To Stay Together

The power of distance and time is much stronger than you think. You may not be able to overcome it, so don’t be so quick to test your feelings.

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To Know Love

When children are surrounded by love, they would know how to care for the people around them, even though they are young.

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You never know. I don’t care if anyone else is disappointed. But to some, the very existence of a certain person in this world is in itself, hope.

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Little Mushroom

In Little Mushroom, everything is so bleak. It has an aura that seems to weigh down on you, cornering you into a small space where all is dark and quiet, and the only thing you could hear is your heartbeat hammering wildly in your chest. It’s that suffocating.

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A Parent’s Love

In the eyes of parents, you will always be a child!

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Yours for Life

I love you to death. It’s incredible. Before this, I thought I loved you as much as I could have, but today I found that I can still love you even more.

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