I love reading and talking about danmei, and I hope to one day write an original BL story set in my own country.

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There was a person who knew everything about him, would unconditionally accept all of him, and would say over and over again that they’ll always be with him. And yet he knew nothing about him.

mr rong's lovelorn diary book cover

Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

It has quite a refreshing take on the Omegaverse trope. The first few chapters are really misleading, so don’t let it deter you. Rong Yi may easily get lovestruck, but he is by no means brainless. On the other hand, Chen Keyao is also not the picture-perfect alpha he seems to be.

Bestial Blade official book art

Song sung by the elder in Bestial Blade Chapter 1

The True God fell from the heavens, morals collapse and decay,

Heavenly law wellaway, and men can turn into beasts,

The blade-bearer roars, and the grazer rushes,

Rushes, rushes, and in carelessness, trembles…

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Lucky to Find You

So to be able to find you and be with you, does that still not count as my luck being good?

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The Milky Way in the South held no differences from the Milky Way in the North; the lives between heaven and earth seemed insignificantly small at this moment. After all, they were only imperceptible creatures under the vast arching sky.

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In the Present

Although the people who passed away are gone now, there will always be people still by your side. Cherish the people before you.

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Taking Life for Granted

Man is actually a magical creature, often times foreseeing their own death.

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When it comes to feelings, hesitating is the worst.

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A person who couldn’t insist on what he wanted to do wouldn’t be able to do it well.

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A Broken Promise

That so long as the GusuLan Sect had its Two Jades, the YunmengJiang Sect would have its Two Prides, that you’d never betray me or betray the Jiang Sect—who was the one that said these?!

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