I love reading and talking about danmei, and I hope to one day write an original BL story set in my own country.

Long Hiatus

Lizonka here, and I’m once again going into a hiatus, but this time, it’s gonna be a long one.

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Social Responsibility

When people live in the world, they are subject to a variety of constraints—restrictions, so to speak, but also protection. There are some lines that can never be crossed.

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He had seen many people like You Jing who were happy to help the weak to satisfy their boring vanity when they were high up.

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Intellectual Distance

The furthest distance in the world isn’t that I am in the north and you are in the south…

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Anxious for Me

He’s very anxious for me. Very, very anxious. Far more anxious than I am about myself.

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No Way Back

I generally don’t give myself a way back. This way, I won’t waste time thinking about whether it is worth it or not.

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Hidden Pains

Some things were fine when they were in your mind, but when spoken out, it would be like adding oil to the fire.

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There was absolutely no way to retreat. If one was afraid but did nothing about it, they would only continue to grow even more afraid.

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When he no longer obsesses over the past and has learned how to think, then he will he have truly grown up.

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Love makes you stronger

He was never a saint, but love made it easy to be humble, easy to forgive, and easy to tolerate, letting him bear the weight of those things he had thought he wouldn’t be able to bear.

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