Lizonka here, and I’m once again going into a hiatus, but this time, it’s gonna be a long one.

Two years ago, I started this blog as a way to cope with my depression while on a break from uni, but now, running this blog has lost a bit of that therapeutic effect. It’s now more stressful than fun, and it even gets in the way in my studies.

I hope to take this time off to reconnect with the things that really matter to me and to reevaluate what I want to do with my life. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I’ll definitely be back.

However, I will not be dropping Bestial Blade and Years of Intoxication.

I still have a stockpile of chapters for those two novels. For Bestial blade, I will make the pages in advance on my site and schedule them to release at random times. For YOI (novel), I will make drafts of the chapters I have translated and just let Hillary publish them when the time comes. Hillary will be translating the rest of the chapters until I return. As for the YOI manhua, it’s all entirely up to Hillary.

The membership on Buymeacoffee for advanced updates on Years of Intoxication will also continue. Hillary will just be the one managing it.


Nikky says:

Thank you so much for your translations, please take care 🤗