Moved to a new host + Other updates

Lizonka: My plan has expired, and I’ve moved to a self-hosted site. It was impossible to migrate the entire website as it was, so now the site looks very different. Content is still the same though, and the website is now much faster.

Now, in regards to my translations… I wasn’t able to post much last month because my father died. Everything was a mess over here, and only recently have things finally settled down more or less.

But now I’ve got 3 weeks of backlog from school. I also recently started a new part-time job, so I’m even more busy than I was before. I honestly cannot promise any updates soon, but I swear that I will finish Bestial Blade and Years of Intoxication. (Especially you, Bestial Blade. F*** you, I’ve been working on you since 2019, why are you still not finished grrr)

By the way, future updates of the Drunk in Love manhua will be posted on Hillary’s BuyMeACoffee. I’m on a very cheap hosting plan now, and… well, managing images is also much more work than I thought it would be. All Drunk in Love updates will now be on Hillary’s page. The Drunk in Love chapters here on the site will also be taken down once I release the 3.0 revamp of this site, which I’ve been working on since April.

Anyways, that’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. Please also report if you encounter any problems in the new site.

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