Lizonka Novels is a writing and translations blog run by Lizonka.

The blog was established on July 31, 2019, and was first hosted on Tumblr as lizonkawebnovels.com. However, due to Lizonka’s Tumblr account repeatedly getting accidentally and automatically terminated because of the blogging platform’s absurd policies, Lizonka finally decided to abandon ship and move the blog to WordPress.

She runs the blog on her own, and she likes to fiddle around with its code and design with her superficial knowledge of CSS. The site has been broken many times by her, so if you are ever unable to access it one day, then know she’s most likely made some stupid mistakes again.

Currently, Lizonka is studying Creative Writing in college. Getting into that course was not in her plans, but thanks to that, she can excuse her excessive reading of danmei stories as “studying” ヾ(•ω•`)o

Lizonka’s a mess, but she tries not to be. Buy her a coffee to keep her happy and posting 😀

Learn more about Lizonka on her Carrd.co page