Hello! Lizonka here, and I run this blog on my own.

I first thought of making this danmei translations blog in July 2019, back when I was a depressed NEET who had too much time on my hands. Translating kept me busy and feeling like I had something going on in my life, so in a way, running this blog was a kind of therapy for me.

Now, I’m back in college, and I don’t get to post as often as I like. Sometimes, translating even feels like a job I have no choice but to commit to since I’ve already started on it. But when I browse through my readers’ lovely comments and look back on the friends I’ve made in the danmei fandoms, I can once again feel that all of this has been worth it.

I don’t see myself becoming a full-time translator in the future though. I’m a Creative Writing student, and I hope that, one day, I can also bring my own original story to my readers, just like how I’ve been bringing the works of other authors to them.

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