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Lizonka Novels is a writing and translations blog run by Lizonka.

The blog was established on July 31, 2019, and was first hosted on Tumblr as However, due to Lizonka’s Tumblr account repeatedly getting accidentally and automatically terminated because of the blogging platform’s absurd policies, Lizonka finally decided to abandon ship and move the blog to WordPress.

Lizonka primarily translates the danmei novels using machine translation (Baidu, Google, and Systran) and then edits them for readability. She also refers a lot to the online Chinese dictionary, Yabla. However, since she’s got limited knowledge on Chinese, she often seeks help from fellow fan translators. So you can’t really say she’s a translator. More like an editor.

To improve her Chinese and her translations, she recently enrolled in a Chinese class in her university.

As a writer, Lizonka’s been writing stories and articles since she was five years old. But most of the stories were left unfinished. The only work she’s ever completed is a series of short stories entitled “Dicky the Tree,” which she wrote when she was six. It’s about a tree who wanted to become a human because it fell in love with a woman.

Lizonka’s a mess, but she tries not to be. Buy her a coffee to keep her happy and posting 😀

Learn more about Lizonka on her page

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