Chapter 31

The next day, He Gu got up early in the morning to get ready for his business trip. When he was about to leave, Song …
Bestial Blade official book art

Chapter 63: The Same Taste

Save for the bit of iron on his hand, he was unarmed. There was no hilt, and the spine of the blade wasn’t formed. There was …

Chapter 30

He Gu was busy the whole afternoon. When he was about to get off work, he suddenly remembered that it had been a while since …

Chapter 29

He Gu didn’t sleep well all night. The heating in the house was too much, and Song Juhan’s warm body had stayed close to him …

Chapter 28

Gu Qingpei came back in time to ease He Gu’s awkwardness. Seeing the two of them sitting together, Gu Qingpei teased, “Jieyu, I found that …

Chapter 27

He Gu slept all day in a daze. In the evening, his fever went down, and he suddenly felt very hungry. He called for Xiao …
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