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Novel Review: Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

mr. rong's lovelorn diary
Chinese Title戎先生的失恋日记
GenreComedy, Romance, Yaoi
Chapters read at the time of this reviewCompleted
My Rating4.75 / 5


Rong Yi, an omega who doesn’t look at all like the typical cute and fragile omega, had been dumped so many times when the alphas find out he was actually an omega. They all kept mistaking him for an alpha and would treat him more like a bro than a love interest.

Until one day, after being dumped once again, he found an alpha actively pursuing him! This alpha was handsome, taller than him, had a good figure, and was so in line with Rong Yi’s taste that it was hard to believe that this guy would like him. Not long after, they started dating. Everything was going so smoothly, it felt like a dream.


I first started reading this novel months ago but put it on-hold after 2-3 chapters. I had thought it was gonna be another “lovestruck brainless omega with an extremely perfect and doting alpha.” It was only a few days ago that I picked it up again to pass the time away while waiting for sleep to come… and oh boy, I ended up not sleeping at all. I stayed up all night to read everything, and by the time I finished, it was already eight in the morning.

It has quite a refreshing take on the Omegaverse trope. The first few chapters are really misleading, so don’t let it deter you. Rong Yi may easily get lovestruck, but he is by no means brainless. He won’t take a hit lying down, although he is quite bad at thinking of comebacks when he’s insulted for being so unlike an omega.

Chen Keyao, on the other hand, is not the picture-perfect alpha he seems to be. He doesn’t have that “overbearing CEO” vibe, nor is he talented in everything and can make anything happen, which seem to be the classic traits of most male leads in danmei. He’s childish and a mess, and he’s been barely taking care of himself before Rong Yi arrived.

Although these two had a fairytale-like beginning, the official start of their true love story can only be described as disastrous. Horrendously disastrous. It will give you an awful impression on Chen Keyao, but it will also make you appreciate Rong Yi more.

But I swear, it will only get better from there.

With the rose-colored lenses off their eyes, they start seeing each other’s true colors. They will fight a lot, but as time passes, it will turn into friendly bickering. And eventually, they’ll work around their differences and start accepting the person for who they are.

In regards to the quality of the writing, it is just right. Although a bit of a drag to read, the author writing out blocks of text for Rong Yi’s fantasies for his love life really illustrates just how hilariously boy-crazy our MC is. The little details about the characters—like Chen Keyao’s fear of snakes, Zhou Li’s low EQ, Liu Yan’s patience and gentleness—are also well-executed that you can’t help but love them all.

My only complaint is that the little extra about Mo Yufei is a bit creepy, considering the general light tone of the story. It did help explain his personality though, and since Mo Yufei is only a side character, I’ll let it pass.

Aside that, Rong Yi’s and Chen Keyao’s development after they got together was too fast. They only knew each other for a few months, and although they’ve decided to take things slowly, the knot was eventually tied in a rush. I had wished the author would slowly explore more about their relationship in the extras, but instead, the development only got faster.

All in all, this is a good rom-com. Rong Yi’s and Chen Keyao’s love story had several bumps along the way, and with Chen Keyao’s condition, they even had to jump over one big hurdle before they could really be together. But this story shows us how love is exactly about that—going through difficulties together and supporting each other. And that if a person really loves you, they’ll be able to accept your flaws and work with you on it.

With the right amounts of comedy, drama, and a sprinkling of fluff in between, Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary is making it to my list of favorite danmei of all time.

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