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On Advanced Updates and Sponsored Chapters

After much deliberation, I’ve finally decided to increase the membership price from 7 USD to 10 USD. However, this new price only affects new members once effective. Old members will still pay only $7.

In the $7 price, I originally offered only one new advanced update per each novel every week. And all for one price only, because I get dizzy keeping up with different tiers.

But later on, I decided to double the advanced updates coz I was really grateful to my coffee readers in having helped me out when I was in a pinch.

Now, looking back on it—2 new updates for 3 novels in a week. That’s a total of 6 updates in a week, and 24 updates in a month. I… really need lots of coffees to keep up with that _(:3」∠)

So yeah, starting June 11, the membership fee will be $10/month.

Bestial BladeHas 15-17 stocked-up updates, and you get 2 new advanced updates every week.
Seal Cultivation for Self-ImprovementHas 15-17 stocked-up updates, and you get 2 new advanced updates every week.
Xiao JiuHas 4-6 stocked-up updates, and you get 2 new updates every week.

Not ready to commit to a monthly membership? Sponsor a chapter instead.


1 coffee for Creatures of Habit = 1 extra full chapter

2 coffees for Xiao Jiu = 1 extra full chapter

3 coffees for Seal Cultivation for Self-Improvement = 1 extra full chapter

5 coffees for Bestial Blade = 1 extra full chapter

When buying a coffee, please indicate which of these novels you want to sponsor. Aside from COH, you don’t have to buy all x number of coffees at once. You can just buy one coffee and then wait for other readers to help reach the goal.

(The number of coffees get higher, depending on how hard it is to translate a chapter from that novel.)

If you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me. The danmei gods will love you (* ̄3 ̄)╭

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